Die Mold Splitting and Test Machine


Stop exhausting your technicians with manual labor using pry bars, hammers, and cranes just to manage die molds. Their efforts are better allocated to essential tasks like cleaning, repairs, and maintenance. Keep your team safe and maintain their energy throughout the workday!

Metalpress Machinery's die mold splitting and testing machines simplify the process of opening, tipping, and closing molds. With our range of models, we can accommodate various mold handling needs without specifying sizes or limits.

Our advanced machines can quickly open heavy molds, significantly reducing the time it typically takes when done manually.

We offer a selection of standard models ready for delivery within weeks and provide custom-built machines tailored to unique requirements, ensuring a fit for every tool room.

Businesses using our machines for mold management typically see a return on investment within a year, thanks to the efficiency and time savings our products provide.

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Product Description


  • Die/Mold can be tilted 90 degrees for maintanence and repairs
  • Die/Mold hydraulic core system testing
  • Die/Mold ejector system testing
  • Die/Mold water cooling system testing
  • Siemens PLC and HMI control



Simple is Good

Opening and closing a die or mold consists of four easy steps. The process is simple and reliable.



Quick and Convenient Clamping

Our optional magnetic clamping systems is designed with a positive magnetic connection. That means it does not need electricity to hold the dies or molds. It makes no difference if the machine loses power or not – the die or mold is securely mounted. Clamp remains magnetized even during a power outage. The only way to release die or mold is to power the platens again. The added benefit is that mounting space for clamps is not required. Both horizontal and vertical mounting is possible. Speeds up clamping and unclamping by 75%



Reduce Down Time

Testing ejection is an important part of testing dies / molds. With our MDS die mold testing machine you can check ejection for noise, ware, corrosion, alignment, pin offset and more. Changes, adjustments, or corrections can be made as soon as they are noticed. Keeping your die or mold ejection in good shape reduces down time and improves production capacity.



Reduce Headaches

Testing the cores and core cylinders is an important part of testing dies / molds. Regularly cleaning and inspecting the cores prevents issues from developing. Our MDS die mold testing machine allows you to conveniently test all the functions of your cores and address any issues on the spot. Easily make necessary adjustments based on the inspection results to achieve optimal core performance.



Made to Stand Up to Constant Use.

Our Die and Mold Splitters and Testers are made of robust reinforced welded steel construction. They are driven by a gear motor which drives a dual chain sprocket which enables rotation. The cradle has two flat platforms. Heavy-duty sealed bearings help the rollers support the load. A brake motor and gear reducer provide a smooth rotating cycle without jerking or sudden speed changes which could destabilize the load.



Keep Things Cool

Water cooling system testing can be ordered as an option our MDS die mold testing machine. Testing mold or die water circulation is a critical part of die or mold maintenance. Proper water cooling ensures uniform cooling of the molded part, reducing the risk of warping, shrinkage, or internal stresses that can lead to defects. Consistent cooling helps maintain a high-quality surface finish by preventing issues like sink marks or surface blemishes. Reliable cooling ensures consistent thermal conditions, leading to stable and repeatable molding cycles and part quality.



Worker safety should not be an option when ordering a press.

We are very serious about worker safety. That is why all our splitters and testers include full size CAT4 safety light curtains as a standard feature. The light curtains work along with the other safety features to ensure worker safety at all times. Worker safety is our highest priority, and it always will be.



We Use Brand Name Components You Know, Already Use and Trust.

We use only the finest quality components that are open source, and readily available locally in your area, or from our online parts store. We do not use any impossible to find proprietary components.


Item MDS-4 MDS-8 MDS-18 MDS-25
Clamping Force (tons) 7.7 7.7 11.0 11.0
Opening Force (tons) 11.0 11.0 66.1 88.2
Platen A Ejector Force (tons) 4.4 7.7 121.3 121.3
Platen Dimension (inches) 43.31 x 31.50 55.12 x 43.31 59.06 x 70.87 82.68 x 78.74
Overturn Degree (°) 0° -90° 0° -90° 0° -90° 0° -90°
Max. opening Stroke (inches) 59.06 59.06 78.74 118.11
Min. opening Stroke (inches) 7.87 7.87 15.75 19.69
Die Open/Close Speed (mm/s) 0-40 0-40 0-40 0-40
Overturn Speed (° /s) 8 8 8 8
Max. Weight of Molds (tons) 4.4 8.8 19.8 27.6
Max. Overturn Capacity (tons) 2.2 4.4 9.9 14.3
Machine Weight (tons) 4.4 6.6 14.3 33.1
External Dimensions (LxWxH) (inches) 181.10 x 43.31 x 70.87 196.85 x 55.12 x 70.87 236.22 x 92.91 x 84.65 283.46 x 94.49 x 86.61
Item MDS-4 MDS-8 MDS-18 MDS-25
Clamping Force (metric tons) 7 7 10 10
Opening Force (metric tons) 10 10 60 80
Platen A Ejector Force (metric tons) 4 7 110 110
Platen Dimension (mm) 1100 x 800 1400 x 1100 1500 x 1800 2100 x 2000
Overturn Degree (°) 0° -90° 0° -90° 0° -90° 0° -90°
Max. opening Stroke (mm) 1500 1500 2000 3000
Min. opening Stroke (mm) 200 200 400 500
Die Open/Close Speed (mm/s) 0-40 0-40 0-40 0-40
Overturn Speed (° /s) 8 8 8 8
Max. Weight of Molds (metric tons) 4 8 18 25
Max. Overturn Capacity (metric tons) 2 4 9 13
Machine Weight (metric tons) 4 6 13 30
External Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 4600 x 1100 x 1800 5000 x 1400 x 1800 6000 x 2360 x 2150 7200 x 2400 x 2200

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