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Die spotting presses, also called mold tryout presses, or sometimes referred to as 180 degree tryout presses are used in repairing dies or molds or testing new ones prior to commissioning them for production. We offer nine sizes and two different styles of hydraulic tryout presses, which improve work efficiency, reduce costs and help to produce high-quality dies or molds.

Die spotting presses are suitable for final assembly, grinding, and repair work of molds/dies for various processes including plastic injection molds, die casting dies, punching dies, transfer molds, metal molds, forging molds, glass molds, rubber and plastic molds and metallurgy dies. They are specially made and ideally designed for the mold and die manufacturing industry. In addition, our MSP-SB series is also well suited for large area sheet cold press molding in the automotive, motorcycle, and hardware industries.

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See What This Spotting Press Has To Offer.

The MSP-SB Series die spotting presses are built solidly, and use only the finest quality components.



Flexibility To Meet Your Needs.

The MSP-SB Series is also available without a side bolster table.



We Give You More Press For Your Money.

To be competitive in today’s economy requires that manufactures run their operations more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. We offer the highest ROI (return on investment) in the industry. MetalPress gives you high-quality products for a reasonable investment and with more features than any other company. Simply put, we give you the most value for your money!

It's All About


Greater Control Means Greater Efficiency.

Our die spotting presses feature advance Safety PLC control with large color HMI screens with easy to read graphics - all at no extra charge. See all press functions and parameters on a clear visual layout, and easily change anything on the fly. Now that is real control.

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Siemens PLC & HMI.

This spotting press features a top of the line Siemens PLC and HMI control system. Tried and tested, Siemens is available globally and offers excellent performance and service.



Ensures True Squareness In Real Time.

System consists of four encoders located at the four corners of the moving platen. The PLC screen continuously shows the position of each corner thus allowing for true parallelism during each stroke. The system has a die / mold protection feature. If the difference is more than the setting that has been entered the machine will stop immediately. This means that if a worker has left anything such as a tool inside the die / mold when the moving platen touches the tool the machine will stop immediately. This function helps to protect the die / mold before damage occurs.



Greater Accuracy and Efficiency.

Our servo system allows for greater accuracy of the moving platen stopping position and offers very significant energy savings.

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Maximum Worker Safety.

We use two sets of CAT4 light curtains to ensure the press stops immediately if anyone enters or puts a limb in the pressing area.



Added Convenience.

We include a dynamic ejector checking device to test if the mold / die springs are working correctly.



We Use Brand Name Components You Know, Already Use and Trust.

We use only the finest quality components that are open source, and readily available locally in your area, or from our online parts store. We do not use any impossible to find proprietary components.

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When It Comes to Safety Two Is Always Better Than One.

Our die spotting presses feature dual safety ratchet bars which add to worker safety.




We Can Remotely Troubleshoot Your Die Spotting Press From Our Facility.

Our die spotting presses include a Remote Connectivity Unit which allows our press technicians to remotely check the performance of the press, make any needed changes to the program or HMI, or to troubleshoot it directly from our service center. The customer is only required to connect the unit to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. We handle the rest.

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Remotely Monitor Your Die Spotting Press Performance From Any Device.

As an option, all our die spotting presses are available with Industry 4.0 remote performance monitoring units which feature a custom dashboard. You can not only monitor press performance, but you can be notified before an issue occurs. Included are condition based maintenance reminders and shift performance statistics. Minimize impact of emergencies and maximize press uptime, and productivity. Monitor what is going on with the die spotting press and your production efficiency from any device, anywhere in the world.




Flexible Range of Applications.

Available from 75 tons all the way up to 660 tons the MSP-SB Series of 4 post hydraulic die spotting presses can handle any die or mold project you may have.

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Standard US / Imperial Metric
Model Clamping Force Table Size Clamping Force Table Size
MSP-SB-75-39-31 75 Tons 39” x 31” 70 Tonnes 1000 x 800 mm
MSP-SB-130-55-43 130 Tons 55” x 43” 120 Tonnes 1400 x 1100 mm
MSP-SB-175-63-51 160 Tons 63” x 51” 160 Tonnes 1600 x 1300 mm
MSP-SB-220-70-63 220 Tons 70.8” x 63” 200 Tonnes 1800 x 1500 mm
MSP-SB-300-78-63 300 Tons 78.7” x 63” 280 Tonnes 2000 x 1600 mm
MSP-SB-350-86-70 350 Tons 86.6” x 70.8” 320 Tonnes 2200 x 1800 mm
MSP-SB-385-118-98 385 Tons 118” x 98” 350 Tonnes 2500 x 2000 mm
MSP-SB-440-118-78 440 Tons 118” x 78.7” 400 Tonnes 3000 x 2000 mm
MSP-SB-440-118-98 440 Tons 118” x 98.4” 400 Tonnes 3000 x 2500 mm
MSP-SB-440-137-98 440 Tons 137.8” x 98.4” 400 Tonnes 3500 x 2000 mm
MSP-SB-550-118-78 550 Tons 118” x 78.7” 500 Tonnes 3000 x 2000 mm
MSP-SB-550-122-82 550 Tons 122” x 82.6” 500 Tonnes 3100 x 2100 mm
MSP-SB-550-137-98 550 Tons 137.8” x 98.4” 500 Tonnes 3500 x 2500 mm
MSP-SB-550-157-98 550 Tons 157” x 98.4” 500 Tonnes 4000 x 2500 mm
MSP-SB-660-137-98 660 Tons 137.8” x 98.4” 600 Tonnes 3500 x 2500 mm
MSP-SB-660-157-98 660 Tons 157” x 98.4” 600 Tonnes 4000 x 2500 mm
MSP-SB-660-157-118 660 Tons 157” x 118” 600 Tonnes 4000 x 3000 mm

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