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Our heavy duty all electric mechanical die upenders, also known as mold flippers, or coil tilters, have a wide variety of industrial uses. They simplify the process of turning over heavy loads and increase productivity while protecting employees from hazardous heavy object handling operations.

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See What This Die Upender Has to Offer.

Our upenders feature a very robust design, and are loaded with features and value. Operator safety, quick setup and competitive pricing were primary consideration in this design. Available in various sizes and different options.

FULL 90°


Flexible Application

This series rotates a full 90 degrees in both directions. Rotation is smooth and can be stopped and started at any time and in any position.



Excellent Choice for a Flexible Range of Heavy Duty Applications.

Our die upenders are very competitively priced, and are easy to use and simple to maintain. They increase productivity while protecting employees from hazardous die, or heavy load flipping operations. Our upenders, also called tippers or flippers, can be used for dies, molds, coils and other heavy or bulky loads to upend, flip and reverse them. These units rotate material 90 degrees in either direction, and are used in a variety of industrial applications.


  • Solid, robust construction
  • All electric
  • Easy to use
  • Fast operation
  • Simple to maintain
  • Safe to use
  • Reduce heavy load flipping operations
  • Can be used for die, molds or coils
  • Can be used of other heavy loads
  • Flips 90° in both directions



Made to Stand Up to Constant Use.

Our upenders are made of robust reinforced welded steel construction. They are driven by a gear motor which drives a dual chain sprocket which enables rotation. The cradle has two flat platforms. Heavy-duty sealed bearings help the rollers support the load. A brake motor and gear reducer provide a smooth rotating cycle without jerking or sudden speed changes which could destabilize the load.



No Leaky Hydraulics

We use an electric-powered gear motor that drives a dual chain sprocket which provides smooth and safe rotation. There is no messy and leaking hydraulics to deal with.

5 ton Die Upender | Mold Tipper | Coil Flipper
Die Upender Safety



A Mechanical Locking Pin For Worker Safety is Standard

Die updenders or flippers are heavy machines with heavy tables. Our MDR Series features mechanical safety pins which are locked during machine cleaning and maintenance. Electronic limit switches provide a secondary layer of safety lock confirmation that disables the upender from stating up.



Added Protection

Our MDR Series is available with optional safety rails on both ends for added protection and safety .

Die Upender Safety Laser Scanner



Active Laser Scanner

Our MDR Series is also available with an optional safety laser scanner that uses time-of-flight technology. In real time, the scanner calculates position based on the time it takes for the laser to bounce off an object and return to the unit. If anyone or anything approaches the predefined zone the Die Upender stops. The zones are fully definable and programmable. An optional camera is also available to record what triggered the shut down.



Add an Extra Layer of Surface Protection

Our upenders are available with optional removable polycarbonate table surface covers which are screwed into the metal table surface. These reduce damage to the upender table surface and to die / mold surfaces.

Die Upender plates
Die Mold Coil Upender - Rotating Base -12 - 500 x 500



More Flexibility

Our MDR Series is also available with an optional 180 degree rotating base. With a rotating base, the need for manual handling and repositioning of heavy dies is significantly reduced. This leads to faster turnaround times and improved workflow efficiency in manufacturing and maintenance operations. The rotating base ensures stable and controlled movement of the die, which enhances overall safety during the handling process.



Use It Where You Need It

Our upenders are available with optional base designed for frequent forklift transport from one location to another. This is especially handy when you want to upend dies or molds in multiple locations in your facility.

Die Mold Upender - Forklift Base



Flexible Range of Applications.

Available from 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg) all the way to 154,000 lbs (70,000 kg) the MDR Series of upenders or flippers can handle any application.

Item MDR-5 MDR-10 MDR-15 MDR-20 MDR-30 MDR-50 MDR-70
Overturn Capacity 5.5 tons (11,200 lbs) 11 tons (22,000 lbs) 16.5 tons (33,000 lbs) 22 tons (44,000 lbs) 33 tons ( 66,000 lbs) 55.1 tons ( 110,000 lbs) 75 tons tons ( 154,000 lbs)
Table Size 47 x 47 inches 55.1 x 55.1 inches 65 x 59 inches 79 x 79 inches 78.7 x 78.7 inches 98.4 x 98.4 inches 98.4 x 98.4 inches
Table Height 22.9 inches 26.8 inches 28.7 inches 36.6 inches 37.4 inches 45.6 inches 66.5 inches
Center of Gravity 16 inches 19.5 inches 19.5 inches 24 inches 26.4 inches 26.4 inches 50 inches
Motor Power 2 hp 4 hp 5 hp 7 hp 15 hp 20 hp 40 hp
Machine Size (L x W x H) 69 x 47 x 69 inches 73 x 55.1 x 84.6 inches 77 x 65 x 92.5 inches 88 x 79 x 98 inches 102.4 x 86.6 x 110.2 inches 102.4 x 86.6 x 118.1 inches 149.6 x 98.4 x 165.3 inches
Machine Weight 1.8 tons 2.6 tons 3 tons 5.7 tons 9.9 tons 13.2 tons 22 tons
Item MDR-5 MDR-10 MDR-15 MDR-20 MDR-30 MDR-50 MDR-70
Overturn Capacity 5 tonnes (5,000 kg) 10 tonnes (10,000 kg) 15 tonnes (15,000 kg) 20 tonnes (20,000 kg) 30 tonnes (30,000 kg) 50 tonnes (50,000 kg) 70 tonnes (70,000 kg)
Table Size 1200 x 1200 mm 1400 x 1400 mm 1650 x 1500 mm 2000 x 2000 mm 2000 x 2000 mm 2500 x 2500 mm 2500 x 2500 mm
Table Height 580 mm 680 mm 730 mm 930 mm 950 mm 1160 mm 1690 mm
Center of Gravity 410 mm 495 mm 495 mm 610 mm 670 mm 670 mm 1270 mm
Motor Power 1.5 kW 3 kW 4 kW 5.5 kW 11 kW 15 kW 30 kW
Machine Size (L x W x H) 1750 x 1200 x 1750 mm 1850 x 1400 x 2150 mm 1950 x 1650 x 2350 mm 2250 x 2000 x 2500 mm 2600 x 2200 x 2800 mm 2600 x 2200 x 3000 mm 3800 x 2500 x 4200 mm
Machine Weight 1.6 tonnes (1630 kg) 2.5 tonnes (2360 kg) 2.8 tonnes (2720 kg) 5.2 tonnes (5170 kg) 9 tonnes (8980 kg) 12 tonnes (11970 kg) 20 tonnes (19960 kg)



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