Hydraulic 4 Post Trim Presses

MetalPress - MTP 35


Our hydraulic four post trim presses, also known as 4 column presses or four pillar presses, are available in different sizes and are available with a variety of options like custom bed sizes, additional stroke, additional daylight, additional side cores, and many other features to fit your specific requirements.

These are high-performance trim presses that provide a time saving and convenient method of quickly and easily adjusting die setup to maintain maximum productivity. The Safety PLC and HMI control system is state-of-the-art in flexibility and operator feedback. Having the ability to quickly set and save die recipes means fast turnaround times for die installation and die switching.



A New Standard of Convenience and Safety

The days of dangling in midair to service a trim press are now gone!! For the first time anywhere, we are proud to introduce our new 4 BOLT POWER PACK REMOVAL. Now you can simply remove the whole power pack and work on it on the shop floor or on a work bench. How is that for safety and convenience? OSHA safety standards are getting more stringent and this is the elegant answer. Patent Pending.

It's All About


Greater Control Means Greater Efficiency.

Our trim presses feature advance Safety PLC control with large color HMI screens with easy to read graphics - all at no extra charge. See all press functions and parameters on a clear visual layout, and easily change anything on the fly. Now that is real control.



We Give You Options of PLC & HMI.

Select the control system that is best for you and easiest for your maintenance team.



We Can Remotely Troubleshoot Your Trim Press from Our Facility.

Our Trim Presses include a Remote Connectivity Unit which allows our press technicians to remotely check the performance of the press, make any needed changes to the program or HMI, or to troubleshoot it directly from our service center. The customer is only required to connect the unit to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. We handle the rest.



Remotely Monitor Your Trim Press Performance From Any Device.

As an option, all our presses are available with Factory 4.0 remote performance monitoring units which feature a custom dashboard. You can not only monitor press performance, but you can be notified before an issue occurs. Included are condition based maintenance reminders and shift performance statistics. Minimize impact of emergencies and maximize press uptime, and productivity. Monitor what is going on with the trim press and your production efficiency from any device, anywhere in the world.



Flexible Range of Applications.

Available from 35 tons all the way up to 200 tons the MPTP Series of 4 post hydraulic trim presses can handle any application.

Model US Tons Metric Tons
MPTP-35 35 32
MPTP-50 50 45
MPTP-75 75 70
MPTP-100 100 90
MPTP-150 150 140
MPTP-200 200 180

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