Hydraulic 4 Post Trim Presses


We offer Hydraulic Trim Presses in different sizes and which are available with a variety of options like custom bed sizes, additional stroke, additional daylight, additional side cores and other features to fit your specific requirements. Our high performance Hydraulic Trim Presses provide a quick and convenient method of adjusting the operating cycle to maintain maximum productivity.

Model US Tons Metric Tons
MPTP-35 35 32
MPTP-50 50 45
MPTP-75 75 70
MPTP-100 100 90
MPTP-150 150 140
MPTP-200 200 180
MetalPress - MTP 35



A New Standard of Convenience and Safety

The days of dangling in midair to service a trim press are now gone!! For the first time anywhere, we are proud to introduce our new 4 BOLT POWER PACK REMOVAL. Now you can simply remove the whole power pack and work on it on the shop floor or on a work bench. How is that for safety and convenience? OSHA safety standards are getting more stringent and this is the elegant answer. Patent Pending.

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