Die Mold Upenders


MetalPress Machinery offers die upenders which increases the productivity while protecting employees from hazardous operations.

Modelo US Tons Metric Tons
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MDR-5 5.6 5 View
MDR-10 11 10 View
MDR-15 16.5 15 View
MDR-20 22 20 View
MDR-30 33 30 View
MDR-50 55 50 View
MetalPress - Upendedor de moldes - Detalle

Product Description


  • Construcción sólida y robusta
  • Todo eléctrico
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to maintain
  • Safe to use
  • Reduce heavy load flipping operations
  • Can be used for die, molds or coils
  • Can be used of other heavy loads
  • Flips 90° in both directions

MetalPress Machinery offers die upenders which are very competitively priced, are easy to use and simple to maintain.  Our upenders increase productivity while protecting employees from hazardous die, or heavy load flipping operations.  Our upenders, also called tippers, can be used for dies, molds, coils other heavy or bulky loads for upending, flipping and reversing them. These units rotate materiel 90 degrees in either direction, and are used in a variety of industrial applications. The frames are all heavy welded steel which run on four machined rollers. They are driven by a gear motor which drives a chain sprocket enables rotation. Heavy-duty sealed bearings help the rollers support the load.  A brake motor and gear reducer provide a smooth rotating cycle without jerking or sudden speed changes which could destabilize the load.

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