Cómo adaptar una unidad de control de temperatura a una máquina de fundición a presión

Cómo Dimensionar una Unidad de Control de Temperatura para una Máquina de Fundición a Presión

Cómo adaptar una unidad de control de temperatura a una máquina de fundición a presión

A temperature control unit (TCU) adds stability and predictability to the die casting process. However, some find it a challenge to match the right size of TCU to their die casting machine and die. This is a critical choice since on one hand you do not want to “oversize” the TCU and waste energy, but on the other hand you do not want to “undersize” it because it will always be struggling to archive the set point and you will keep burning out the heating elements prematurely.

There are basically two types of TCU’s on the market. One uses oil as a medium to transfer heat, the other uses water. Both types are made with a variety of heating capacities which are commonly rated in Kilowatts (kW).

While most understand the difference in the heating medium, some forget about the heating capacity of the unit. They try to take a TCU from one die casting machine and put it on a bigger machine, and then all of a sudden, the TCU does not work properly any more. They forget that the bigger machine has a bigger die which has a substantially larger mass. The TCU simply cannot address all that extra mass and will never achieve the set point.

In simple terms, each TCU must be used for a specific size of die (mass and weight) which fits into a predefined size of die casting machine. In a die casting machine, the size of the die is limited be the distance between tie bars.

Here is a simple chart that you can use as a quick and rough guide to size a Temperature Control Unit to a Die Casting Machine based on an average die.


Die Casting Machine (Tons)

Temperature Control Unit (kW)

100 to 200 tons

Use a 18 kW (single zone)

300 to 400 tons

Use a 24 kW (single zone)

500 to 600 tons

Use a 24 kW (dual zone)

600 to 800 tons 

Use a 36 kW (dual zone)

900 to 1200 tons

Use a 36 kW (dual zone x 2 units)

1200 to 1500 tons

Use a 24 kW (dual zone x 4 units)

Of course, d
ies vary and this chart is limited to just rough sizing options. For much more accurate sizing, a calculation will need to be done which needs to include the die size, weight, time required to heat the die and, the required die temperature.

One of our experts will be glad to calculate the right size of TCU for your die casting machine and die. For more information you can Request TCU Calculation

Here is some information about our temperature control units



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