Die Spotting Tryout Presses

MetalPress offers hydraulic tryout presses, which are also called die spotting presses. Hydraulic spotting or tryout presses are used in die or mould testing and prior to large scale production. During tryout, the full capacity of the press is available to the press operator, precisely allowing the operator to perform controlled pressing of both the lower and upper half of the die or mold. As for size, capability, performance specifications and alternative equipment options, MetalPress Hydraulic Tryout Presses are able in a wide variety of sizes, tonnages and in several different configurations to adapt to virtually any requirements for die or mold testing and tryout production runs.

Die Spotting Tryout Press MSP-SB

ModelImperial TonsMetric Tonnes
MSP-SB-7575 tons70 tonnes
MSP-SB-100110 tons100 tonnes
MSP-SB-180180 tons160 tonnes
MSP-SB-225225 tons200 tonnes
MSP-SB-335335 tons300 tonnes
MSP-SB-385385 tons350 tonnes
MSP-SB-550550 tons500 tonnes
MSP-SB-580580 tons528 tonnes
MSP-SB-660660 tons600 tonnes
MetalPress Spotting Press - MSP Series - 01 - White Background

Die Spotting Tryout Press Series MSP

ModelImperial TonsMetric Tonnes
MSP-7575 tons70 tonnes
MSP-100110 tons100 tonnes
MSP-180180 tons160 tonnes
MSP-225225 tons200 tonnes
MSP-335335 tons300 tonnes
MSP-385385 tons350 tonnes
MSP-550550 tons500 tonnes
MSP-580580 tons528 tonnes
MSP-660660 tons600 tonnes
MetalPress Spotting Press - MSP Series - 01 - White Background