Four Post Hydraulic Trim Presses

MetalPress Machinery offer a variety of Hydraulic Trim Presses in different sizes from 35 – 75 Ton capacities, as well as other options like additional stroke, side cores, daylight and other features to fit your specific requirements.  Our high performance Hydraulic Presses provide a quick and convenient method of adjusting the operating cycle to maintain maximum productivity.

Four Post Hydraulic Trimming Presses MTP

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High Pressure Trim Press

In our designs, High Pressure operation is limited to the actual point of trim cut.  This feature not only provides greater cost saving of low pressure operation.  It also:  Prevents activation of high pressure force, if die trim and casting are misaligned.  Reduces possible damage to trim die and/or casting.  Reduces risk of operator injury.  MetalPress Trimming Presses provide more accurately trimmed castings and greater die precision by limiting activation of high-pressure hydraulic operation to the brief duration of the actual trimming action.

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MetalPress Trim Press - MTP Series - 01