What is a Trimming Press?

A hydraulic trim press is used to trim castings, specifically die castings.  To complete an automatic die casting cell, the casting is put in the trimming press by a robot or extractor and then trimmed by the trim die, for example the access and over-flow material are trimmed off.

Hydraulic four post trim presses are often used to trim die castings and gravity die castings that are made from magnesium, aluminum, and zinc.

Tim presses are commonly used with a variety of pressures, which means that the proper "trim press" and the correct size are accessible to the trim press operator for all tasks. Our trim press models cover up to 75 Ton shut force for trimming.

A casting is placed manually or by a robot on the bottom part of the tool. A direct guiding system allows optimal entree for automatic feeding and extracting from all sides. The top which is the hydraulically operated part of the tool transfers on the casting, which is secured by the integrated holders.  The edges on the trim press cut the excess material off the casting.  The casting is then removed.

Modern trim presses are equipped with control panel interfaces for the integration of robots and to be fit into automated casting cells.  Also, the trim press machine control enables appropriate action and simple configuration interfaces to ensure communication with higher-level cell controllers and other computers.

MetalPress Hydraulic Press - MTP Series

Four Post Hydraulic Trimming Presses MTP

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What is Die Casting?

Die casting is a metal casting method that’s categorized by driving molten metal beneath high pressure into a mold void. The mold void is developed by means of two tough tool steel dies which have been machined into a form and work in the same way to an injection mold through the process.