MetalPress Machinery Participates at the 2023 Die Casting Congress and Exhibition

MetalPress Machinery Participates at the 2023 Die Casting Congress and Exhibition

MetalPress Machinery Participates at the 2023 Die Casting Congress and Exhibition


We invite you to visit our booth #338 at NADCA’s Die Casting Congress and Exhibition on September 19-21 at 303 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.



The Die Casting Congress & Exhibition 2023 is a noteworthy occasion for the die-casting sector that deserves attention. This prestigious event brings together experts from across the world to exchange expertise and information to boost business performance in the die-casting sector. It’s a special chance to learn new technical skills, peruse instructive displays, take part in the die casting design competition, and go to the luncheon for the die casting industry awards.

Anyone involved in the die-casting sector must attend the Die Casting Congress & Exhibition. It provides a perfect setting for exchanging ideas and conducting business by combining exposition, technical workshops, awards, and networking opportunities. There will be discussions about technical, operational, and business themes, and over 120 exhibitors will be there to show off their goods and services.


We are happy to announce that MetalPress Machinery will attend this momentous occasion. Our selection of hydraulic and servo hydraulic trim presses includes models with capacities ranging from 35 tons to 800 tons. In addition, we offer a range of stamping presses in various capacities, ranging from 25 tons to 800 tons altogether.

These are crucial tools used in mold and die manufacturing and are also called mold tryout presses. They are used to fix molds, test new ones before production, and carry out other essential duties.
Perfect for final assembly, grinding, and repair work on dies and molds used in a variety of operations, including stamping, forging, and plastic injection molding.
For cold press molding of large-area sheets in sectors including automotive, motorbikes, and hardware, our MSP-SB series is ideally suited.

We provide temperature control units with cutting-edge PLC and HMI-based systems in addition to our presses. These systems offer optimum versatility and efficiency while heating and cooling in single-, dual, or triple-zone combinations.

The Die Casting Congress & Exhibition 2023 is an interesting venue for MetalPress Machinery to present our press and temperature control solutions to the sector. We warmly welcome you to attend this event to learn how our solutions may improve productivity and quality in your die-casting operation and other related applications. We look forward to meeting you and exchanging expertise at this fantastic event. Grab it!

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