Mold and Die Makers: Here Is How Our Machines Make Your Job Easier

Mold and Die Makers:  Here Is How Our Machines Make Your Job Easier

Mold and Die Makers: Here Is How Our Machines Make Your Job Easier


The mold and die making industry is a cornerstone of manufacturing, ensuring the seamless production of a plethora of products. Within this domain, precision, efficiency, and flexibility are paramount. MetalPress Machinery addresses these needs with our specialized die spotting presses and die upenders. These machines are  crafted to alleviate common challenges faced by mold and die makers. By combining innovative features with robust support services, our machines are engineered to significantly ease the operations of mold and die makers, thereby elevating the overall productivity and quality of output.

Innovative Design

At the core of Metal Press Machinery’s offerings are the innovative designs of our die spotting presses and die upenders. Unlike conventional machinery, these machines are made for ease of use, maintenance, and longevity. The design features a simplified approach, ensuring that the machines can be swiftly managed and maintained. This focus on design not only facilitates easier handling but also future refurbishments to prolong the machine’s useful life. By addressing the often-overlooked aspect of maintenance ease, our design significantly reduces downtime, thereby contributing to the seamless operations essential in the mold and die making industry.

Diverse Applications

The versatility of the MetalPress die spotting presses and die upenders unveils a realm of applications crucial to mold and die makers. Especially in industries like Automotive and Aerospace, our machines play a pivotal role. The die spotting presses are instrumental in ensuring precision during the die-making process, while the die upenders provide ease in handling and maneuvering dies. This broad spectrum of applications not only makes our machines invaluable assets but also propels mold and die makers to meet the evolving demands with finesse and efficiency.

Performance and Reliability

The die spotting presses and die upenders from MetalPress stand as examples of durability and reliability. Our machines are built to last with quality components, ensuring a robust performance over the years. The solid construction signifies a worthwhile investment for mold and die makers, promising a reliable tool to deliver precision work with consistency. Despite their robustness, our machines are priced reasonably when compared to other brands, making them a preferred choice for mold and die makers aiming for reliable, high-performance solutions at competitive prices.

Support and Service

At MetalPress Machinery, we extend beyond mere equipment sales to offer a full spectrum of services tailored for our die spotting presses and die upenders. Our reasonably priced service contracts are engineered to ensure your equipment remains up and running smoothly.  The fact that our multi-lingual technicians can remotely log into your machine and offer remote support and service underscores our commitment to making your job easier. With an eye on the future, our machines are Factory 4.0 ready and supported by a team capable of diagnosing and resolving issues swiftly, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and your productivity stays on an upward trajectory.


MetalPress Machinery’s die spotting presses and die upenders embody a fusion of innovative design, diverse applications, enduring performance, and robust support. For mold and die makers striving to excel in a competitive market, our machines offer a pathway to heightened efficiency and quality. We invite you to explore our offerings and discover how MetalPress Machinery can elevate your operations to the next level of excellence.

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