IEC contactors

Brand: Eaton
Model No: XTCE009B10
For Product: For Temperature Control Units.
Size: 200 Amp (690 VAC)

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Location: D2-04
Weight: 240g
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XTCE009B10 – Contactor, 9 A, DIN Rail, Panel, 690 VAC, 3PST-NO, 3 Pole, 7.5 hp
The Eaton XTCE line includes a large offering of power control components and accessories that cover a broad range of applications and ratings:- Three-pole contactors to 2000A- Four-pole contactors to 200A- Capacitor contactors to 680 kVar- Mini contactors to 9A

  • Relays to 16A
  • Thermal overload relays to 630A
  • Electronic overload relays to 1500A
  • Manual motor protectors to 65A
  • Manual motor controllers and combination motor controllers to 65A