Omron PLC

Brand: Omron
Model No: CP1E-N30DT1-D
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Omron CP1E PLC CPU – 18 Inputs, 12 (Transistor) Outputs, USB Networking, Computer Interface

  • Max Operating Temperature 55 °C
  • Min Operating Temperature 0 °C
  • Number of I/Os 30
  • Number of Inputs 18
  • Number of Outputs 12
  • Termination Screw


  • Depth 85 mm
  • Length 130 mm
  • Width 110 mm

The E-type Basic CPU Units provide cost performance and easy application with only basic functionality.The N and NA-types Application CPU Units support Programmable Terminal connection, position control, and inverter connection.,CP1E-E : low-cost, ladder-only programming, ideal for simple, standalone applications.,CP1E-N : built-in RS232 comms with further expansion possible, large memory, high-speed pulse I/O functionality.,Expansions modules from the CP1L are compatible with the CP1E-E and CPE-N CPU.

Programming, setting, and monitoring with CX-Programmer
Easy connection with computers using commercially available USB cables
With E30/40, N30/40/60 or NA20 CPU Units, Add I/O by Connecting Expansion I/O Units
With E30/40, N30/40/60 or NA20 CPU Units, Add Analog I/O or Temperature Inputs by Connecting Expansion Units
Quick-response inputs
Input interrupts
Complete High-speed Counter Functionality
Versatile pulse control for Transistor Output for N14/20/30/40/60 or NA20 CPU Units
PWM Outputs for Transistor Output for N14/20/30/40/60 or NA20 CPU Units
Built-in RS-232C Port for N/NA-type CPU Units
Mounting Serial Option Boards to N30/40/60 or NA20 CPU Units
Built-in analog I/O, two inputs and one output, for NA-type CPU Units
For N/NA-type CP1E CPU Units: Mount a Battery to an N/NA-type CPU Unit if the data in certain areas must be backed up for power interruptions