Magnetic tape
(35-75 Ton)

Brand: Baumer
Model No: MIL10-M402.01000.P10TN
For Product: Trim Press
Size: 35 – 75 Ton

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Location: A1-03
Weight: 130g
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Linear Position Sensor Tape 1m Adhesive Mount
Baumer Electric-MIL10-M402.01000.P10TN

  • Linear encoders without bearings incremental system for linear motion feedback.
  • Sensor head with magnetic tape
  • Stroke Length : 1m.
  • Protection Rating : IP66 IP67
  • Magnetic linear sensor tapes for combining with MIL10-S2 magnetic sensor heads. Combinations allow for wear-free non-contact sensing with resolutions of up to 5 um.