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MetalPress Machinery offers the best value on Hydraulic Trim Presses for Sale

MetalPress Machinery builds accurate and effective trimming presses for sale in the marketplace. Over the years we have mastered our trim press design and the manufacturing processes to accomplish the highest achievable trim press quality and the best results for our valuable clients worldwide. By committing to our alliance of quality, we do assure you that our “trim presses” aim to surpass your expectations and assist your company’s operation to run effortlessly and effectively.

What Industries are Hydraulic Trim Presses Used In?
The Hydraulic Trim Press is a critical machine in industries such as the Die Casting, Forming and Trimming Industries.  Demand is growing towards light-weight parts for Automotive, Aerospace, Die Casting, Sand Casting, Manufacturing and Metal Works industries.

MetalPress Hydraulic Trim Presses are at work at countless plants world-wide as a trusted brand performing with accuracy and quality, to provide  years of service, reliable performance and low cost of operation.    We build our trim presses to seamlessly fit into your operation. Our Trim Presses are accurate when trimming, piercing, coining, cutting and straightening together with other processes.

MetalPress Trim Presses are easily relocated within your building based on your requirements.  Our customer service team serves above and beyond the Installation of your trim press. We can accommodate your people with operational instructions and support the new MetalPress Trim Press. We will provide a complete maintenance guide and we are always accessible if you need assistance anytime. At MetalPress Machinery, we don’t just build trim press machines; we enjoy building valuable relationships too.

Hydraulic Trimming Presses and Trim Presses from MetalPress are regenerative, hydraulically powered, easily maintained and meets new high technology standards. MetalPress trim presses come fitted with adaptable rams to effortlessly decrease or increase the shut height. Our controls are dependable, accurate and arranged for ease-of-use.  Additionally, we are able to custom program them to optimize the efficiency of your brand new MetalPress Trim Press.

A metal trim press is used to stamp a product out of metal. Metal Trim Presses are placed after a sequential die casting machine to cut the formed item from the over spill. They can be used for stacking, perimeter trimming, per-punching and counting. Trim presses are available in either Horizontal or Vertical configuration.  Trim presses usually are at work under excessive conditions and high temperatures.

The trim press width usually follows the width of the die casting machine and can be combined with a different die casting machines.  The trim press operation is called die cutting and may additionally produce flat elements where the die, the casting tool, is punched into a sheet metal material activating a shearing action to punch holes when a certain quantity of material is disregarded from the rest of a part in the trimming tool.

Hydraulic Metal Trimming PressesAfter you purchase a trim press from MetalPress Machinery, we are your partners in business and manufacturing and your success is our main objective. To this end, a product support specialist will remain available to you so that you can maintain progress with your trim press and request adjustments or changes with a simple phone call.


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