Temperature Control Units

Temperature Control Units We Offer

We offer both hot oil and hot water temperature control units.  Our units have state-of-the-art PLC and HMI based control systems and offer a large amount of standard features. Our units are heavy duty and built to withstand constant use. We supply both dual zone and single zone models with both heating and cooling for maximum flexibility.  We offer tremendous value for the money and give you more standard features than any other company.  Why pay way more if you do not have to?


Major Benefits and Features:Temperature Controllers

– Increased operator safety
– Extremely competitive pricing
– More standard features than any other competitor
– PLC control with color HMI screen
– Job preset memory
– Heating and Cooling for maximum flexibility
– Solid, robust construction
– Durable flanged ball valves
– Auto exhaust function
– Multi-stage adjustable heating
– Remote diagnostics/troubleshooting via the internet
– Sealed system which does not allow oil to oxidize
– Integrated fault alarm and signal


Hot Oil Temperature Control Units

MetalPress Temperature Contoller - Hot Oil

Hot oil temperature control units are usually used for applications requiring regulation of higher temperatures such as die casting, rubber, top press forming, printing, chemical process, etc.

Hot Oil Temperature Control Units - Series THC-D

THC-D-2424 kW (x 2)Dual
THC-D-3636 kW (x 2)Dual
THC-D-4848 kW (x 2)Dual

Hot Water Temperature Control Units

MetalPress Temperature Controller - THC-HW-D Series - Water - 01

Hot water temperature control units are usually used for applications requiring regulation of lower temperatures such as injection molding, extrusion, cleanrooms, food processing, etc.

Water Temperature Control Units - Series THC-HW

THC-HW-24-S24 kW (x 1)Single
THC-HW-24-D24 kW (x 2)Dual

Industrial Applications for Temperature Control Units

Temperature control systems are used in a wide variety of industrial applications requiring exact operation and process temperatures.  The application of temperature control units spans many unrelated manufacturing industries and process types.   This list outlines the main ones.

  • – Aerospace
  • – Adhesives and resins
  • – Automotive
  • – Biotechnologies
  • – Blow molding
  • – Chemical processing/ Distillation
  • – Cleanrooms
  • – Composites/Engineered materials
  • – Compounding
  • – Compression/Transfer molding
  • – Construction
  • – Converting
  • – Cosmetics
  • – Die casting
  • – Fermentation
  • – Food processing
  • – Injection molding
  • – Laser and machine cooling
  • – Medical
  • – Metal finishing, plating, galvanizing
  • – Packaging
  • – Paints, pigments, dyestuff
  • – Pet food processing
  • – Petrochemical
  • – Pharmaceutical
  • – Plastics
  • – Printing
  • – Pulp and paper
  • – Rubber
  • – Semiconductor
  • – Textiles
  • – Thermoforming
  • – Vacuum forming